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Shipping Methods

USPS Flat Rate Shipping

Ships ToUnited States
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz5ozUS $3.69
5.01oz9ozUS $4.49
9.01oz12ozUS $5.49
12.01oz13.99ozUS $6.49
14oz15.99ozUS $9.29
1lbs 0oz2lbs 0ozUS $12.75
2lbs 0.01oz6lbs 3.9ozUS $16.50

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Ships ToWorldwide

We ship all orders under 16oz with USPS First Class. 

For orders over 16oz, you can select flat rate OR Request a quote and we can provide you with the Rate for Priority Mail Regional Rate (It is often less expensive vs Flat) 

We ONLY charge what USPS charges us. Last Updated: 5 May 2021